The history of the baking of cake goes back to a time where the ancient Egyptians were still building the pyramids. Essentially a cake was a variation of bread, which differentiated itself further as technology advanced.

Essentially, cake’s ingredients are flour, sugar, eggs, butter or oil, a liquid. I’m sure you’ve noticed the similarities between bread and cake at this point. Never the less, cakes became more and more interesting as time progressed, growing from using yeast to using raising agents such as baking powder. From being fairly plain to including interestingly delicious combinations of fillings and toppings. Even today at The Bread Mill, we push ourselves to generate, new and interesting treats for our customers to enjoy.

Baking has become an art, and the baking pan is the canvas. What you can do with the ingredients which have been created over the years have left us at The Bread Mill spoiled for choice, because we are able to let our imaginations run wild with ideas for our new tasty creations.

This love for creating new cakes which break the mould quite literally, is something which we have developed a talent for. Itis the reason we love customers coming in and ordering their very own cool and imaginative ideas which we are happy to bring to life with our advanced baking equipment that we are very fortunate to have access to. From baking cakes which exceed the size of your average dining room table to beautiful multi-teared wedding cakes, we are always excited to take on new projects which challenge us.

Of course, you can’t be making beautiful cakes which taste terrible, which is something you can be sure will never happen, when you order your cake with The Bread Mill. We have been perfecting our recipes for decades, and have been 100% committed to the industry since our conception in 1987.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed checking out all the delicious cakes we feature on our website, and rest assured that there are so much more, including a large number of custom designs. That being said we cannot wait for you to pay us a visit.

We hope to see you soon.
The Bread Mill Team

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