About Us

The Bread Mill is a homey bakery which has been established at 18-22 Problem Mkhize Road for many years and while we may have gone by many names in the past, we have always stayed true to our roots. Baking anything from Bread to birthday cakes, we are a fully fitted establishment with endless capabilities and an awesome team of people, some of whom have been employed with us for over 30 years.

Making our best efforts to provide quality baked goods in perfect portion sizes to satisfy someone with a phenomenal sweet tooth. We were approached by the daily news many years ago to participate in a newspaper survey whereby their readership was allowed to vote on the most loved places in Durban. To our surprise, the readers voted us The Most Loved Bakery and we have held this accomplishment for the past 9 years running. An achievement which is, of course, impossible without the love and support from all our customers and we are so grateful to have you in our lives.

That’s the thing about life at The Bread Mill, while we may be a company we are very much a family with the privilege of having a great staff who provide service with a smile to all our customers. We believe in providing all our products at the best quality we can possibly achieve because we know that we (as a customer) would not accept anything less. As a bakery, our aim is to provide a delicious outlet for people to come in and share in The Bread Mill’s sights, smells and tastes. A place which is not only friendly and provides great service, but is enticing enough to get someone to clear their head, unwind and escape the norm while enjoying something freshly baked.

At The Bread Mill, we would like to be everybody’s happy place. Whether that means keeping a spotless store, employing staff who are refreshingly kind OR simply having some of Durban’s best-baked goods.

We hope we can make The Bread Mill, your home away from home.

Thank You
The Bread Mill team